Benefits of flossing

Dental floss is basically a tool that is used for mechanical teeth and gum tissue cleaning, where the brush can’t reach. Flossing will eliminate the plaque in-between the teeth, hence preventing gum tissue inflammation (gingivitis), cavities, and bad breath.

Dental plaque is a biofilm, usually a pale yellow, which develops mostly between the teeth, and by the gum line; it’s formed by colonizing bacteria trying to attach themselves to the tooth’s smooth surface, using the food as a source of growth. If not cleaned properly, the plaque could develop into tarter, or calculus within couple of weeks, it provides a perfect environment for more plaque formation. The calculus once it’s formed, it can’t be cleaned with brushing, only a professional cleaning with an ultrasonic, and hand instruments at the dentist, could get rid of it.

The acidic byproduct of the bacteria in the plaque causes inflammation of the gum tissue, and cavity formation.

Dental plaque is like rotten food. The rotten food also releases isovaleric acid, which can smell like sweat; putrescine, which gives off a smell of rotten meat; skatole, which can smell like human feces; and cadaverine, which has a smell likened to decomposing bodies. By flossing every day, will eliminate most, if not all the problem of bad breath