Don’t ignore these symptoms…

The cost of dental treatment is the most frequent reasons people delay seeking the dental care. Ignoring some symptoms will definitely makes things worse in the mouth, essentially that leads to more dental work needed, more time at the dentist, and that comes with a higher cost.

I would like to list some symptoms that you don’t want to ignore:

First – Sensitivity to hot, this an indication of a nerve involvement, ignoring it might lead to sudden increase in symptoms that could include, spontaneous throbbing, sever pain and swelling.

Second – Intermittent (on and off) discomfort or pain coming from a tooth, or few teeth on one side. Our body including our teeth communicate to us a problem, the on and off symptoms is one way the body is trying to tell us there is something wrong. If you have this, I suggest brushing and flossing that area thoroughly for 10 days. If symptoms don’t improve call your dentist for an evaluation. One of the most common intermittent pains is, wisdom teeth pain, it happens when the gum tissue covering the tooth gets infected and inflamed.

Third – Bleeding gum tissue. Just another common issues that my patient list as a chief complaint. Brushing for two minutes at least twice a day, and properly flossing at least once a day (see my post flossing made easy) should improve the condition. You might need to see your dentist for a regular or a deep cleaning.

Fourth – Uneven bite. Unbalanced bite could lead to all kind of problems that include teeth cracking, breakage, mobility, shifting, and tenderness. You could also develop facial muscle spasms, headaches, and TMJ symptoms.

Fifth – Dry mouth. The saliva has an antibacterial effect on the teeth and gum tissue. Decrease in the level of saliva in the mouth could have devastating consequences in the mouth.

Sixth – Sensitivity to cold and sweet most of the time is due to a developing cavity in one or more teeth. It could also come from a receding gum tissue.