Oral care during pregnancy

It’s a scientifically proven fact that your oral health is an important part of your overall health, and untreated dental disease can be harmful to you and your baby. Be sure to include your oral health in your daily self-care routine and, keep your dentist informed of any changes in your oral health during pregnancy. Your dentist and his team could be your best ally to help you avoid any oral related problems during pregnancy. Some studies have suggested that premature baby deliveries might be related to poor oral hygiene.

Hormonal changes, frequent snaking and improper oral care, could lead to gingivitis (inflammation of the gum tissue), and decay. Bleeding of the gum tissue with lumps is one of the most frequent reasons for a pregnant woman to seek a dental care. In order to avoid dental emergencies, getting a clean bill of oral health prior to getting pregnant is highly recommended.

The best recipe to avoid oral emergencies is brushing twice at day for two minutes minimum, along with flossing and using any interdental cleaning aid, like water pick. Using an ADA approved mouth wash. The frequency of eating becomes higher especially during the third trimester. A special attention should be paid towards the quality of the food and drinks. Consult your dentist and OBGYN to help you make the right dietary decisions.